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Our rebrand journey isn’t just about changing our name and logo, it also includes redefining our studio spaces whilst upgrading and adding new facilities to allow for our growing artistic community’s needs.

Over the years we have learnt that one space doesn’t suit all. Studio activity, especially in our communal environment, tends to be research driven – full of experimentation, prototyping and design. However, there are those moments when you need to make a hell of a noise, a hell of a mess and create outside the bounds of your usual studio space. Given our light industrial category in the workshop, we have had many enquiries over the years to provide such a space. So, we are in the midst of installing workshop benches and bays for the more, shall we say… messier parts of what we get up to. Rather than on a long term basis, these spaces will be available to rent daily which will of course come with the necessary PPE and access to tools and equipment.  We’ll announce when these extra spaces are available for use as soon as the paint’s dry.

We are also creating a designated residency space (more to follow soon) and are currently digitally cataloging our new in-house reference and periodicals library for students, artists and clients to use whilst working here. There is also a StudioLab in development and a newly built, well-stocked materials store that people will soon be able to purchase from.

With all this building, moving and juggling, the office has made a quiet retreat into the studio block (so thankfully it is now not necessary to put together proposals, applications and portfolios to the cacophony created by grinders, the roar of the furnace and wood chopping). This has also brought the studio and fine art creation communities together, whilst enabling us to showcase some of our artworks here.

One of the studios is coming up for rent soon, so keep an eye out for our studio call!