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Change can be an exciting, but also a slightly unnerving prospect – especially when your company has been established for over 12 years.

Meltdowns has been a hub of activity and achievements since it began in 2004, but the time has come to grow into the new and more honest version of ourselves.

We have acknowledged that the world is starting to accept that collaborative thinking and communication is becoming more of a demand than a practice (such as climate change experts calling on artists to help communicate their message). Over the past 2 years we have been reflecting on the great potential and opportunities that such cross-disciplinary activity can bring. We’ve constantly been at the edge of something whilst working out how to put our finger on it. We’ve finally done it – we have designed, developed and are now implementing our new ‘business model’ that reflects what’s important to us as an artistic community, whilst working alongside (and for) other artists, designers, architects, universities, scientists, engineers et al.

The purpose of art has been at the centre of our research, and the fundamental question driving this change. We have now arrived at a stage in our existence where we are lucky enough to be able to choose what we do, with a focus on evidencing the many answers to this question – and suffice to say, it’s certainly not all about profit.

Of course, an identity is about more than symbols and colours. So we’re redesigning the entire experience to better reflect who makes up and contributes to, this growing transdisciplinary community.

We will be collaborating with a lot more industries, whilst developing the way we all communicate through our practice, research and development and residency programme. Furthermore, there will be a focus on dispelling the myths around art and its apparent lack of impact on industry and the economy.

We’re now a Living Wage employer (more will follow on this) promoting the message of fair pay for all, we still boast 100% green industrial energy as well as having a fully electric company vehicle fleet and we are soon to be a certified Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our established philosophies, whilst sharing our re-branding journey. You will also be seeing slight changes in our appearance and activities as we evolve into our new skin.

But, we couldn’t have got here without your support too. So thank you. We are really looking forward to sharing this with you.